Phillipines - Case Study


International Care Ministries (ICM) work solely with the 'ultra poor' – the seven million Filipinos who struggle to survive on under $0.5 per day and are underserved by other non-profits given the complexities of their challenges.

ICM pioneered 'Transform', an innovative and intensive rehabilitation programme which targets the very poorest individuals living in urban slums and rural villages across the Philippines. Selected for the programme by local community leaders, each cohort of 12 individuals embark on a four-month programme focusing on unpacking their complex needs and supporting them to build a more stable and prosperous futures. The program works mainly with women that are heads of their households, supporting them to significantly increase their earning capability through exploring financial literacy, savings, cooperatives and other livelihood opportunities. Transform also educates mothers about child development and education and basic health and sanitation. In its later stages, the project supports the women to explore social networks within their communities to support them into the future.

So far ICM have helped over 1 million people across The Philippines to build their confidence and better their chances of escaping from poverty and has demonstrated a transformative impact on their lives. The Old Dart Foundation started working with ICM in 2017 directly supporting the Transform Programme, helping ICM to reach 'the next million' and strengthen its core operations.

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